2013 Umu Anioma Spirit of Community Award winners named

The Umu Anioma Foundation Worldwide is pleased to announce the honorees of the 2nd annual Umu Anioma Spirit of Community Awards, which recognizes those who uphold strong ties to our Anioma communities and have taken initiative to solve problems in Anioma neighborhoods and communities; who demonstrate the spirit of creativity, innovation and initiative by responding in a proactive manner to issues relevant to the well-being of our community and those who promote a vision of responsible community membership which is respectful and inclusive of all ages and sub-cultures and abilities.

The investiture ceremony is slated for Nelrose Hotel, Asaba during the events of the Umu Anioma World Convention, December 26, 2013 

Umu Anioma Foundation Worldwide also wishes to express its deep gratitude to the Chair of the Awards Selection Committee, Dr. Veronica Ufoegbune and other distinguished members of the committee for a job well done.




  • 2013 Umu Anioma Spirit of Community Lifetime Achievement Award- Chief Phillip Chukwuedo Asiodu
  • 2013 Umu Anioma Spirit of Community Cultural Renaissance Award-
  • 2013 Umu Anioma Spirit of Community Development Award-

Lifetime Achievement Award

Chief Phillip C. Asiodu (IZOMA OF ASABA)is a prominent son of Asaba and former Chief Economic Adviser to Ex-PresidentOlusegun Obasanjo.He is alsothe head of theNigerianConservation Foundation.He was born on 26th February, 1934; he earned his B.A. degree from King's College in 1952 and his M.A. from Queen's College, Oxford.

As a member of General Gowon’s War Cabinet, 1966 – 1970, Chief P.C. Asiodu was the architect of the “Asiodu Peace Formula”  

The Asiodu Peace Formula not only assured safe passage from Lagos back home to Anioma people without any fear of molestation by the federal troops but itput forward the understanding that if the war was a unifying project, then the Federal Government should reassure the Igbos, giving them maximum security.

P.C Asiodu as he is fondly called retired as a Super Permanent Secretary from the Federal Civil Service. 

Anioma Cultural Renaissance Award

Award goes to an Anioma personality who supports cultural value recovery.

Dr. Joseph N. Egwu is a renowned scholar, Historian and Director, of the Organization for the Advancement of Anioma Culture.

In Dr Joseph Nwagbogu Egwu’s recent article, A PANORAMA OF ANIOMA CULTURE, which appeared in Volume One, No. 10 of 2012 of Anioma Essence, he brought the vanishing past to the fore and defined culture as it pertains to Anioma in the following words:

“It means our dress code; the way we pay reverence to our ancestors, the way we demonstrate our dances and pulsating music. 

It means the way we respect parent and elders.  It also means standing for principle even if it amounts to dying for it. …the Anioma Culture has no time, no place and no need for egocentric individualism. 

Kinship arrangements create a permanent sense of relatedness.  No one is left alone ….

“The central point of Anioma Culture, therefore, is the communal character of the families. 

In them the individual was held as existing for the common good."

In his informative and educative researches into Anioma culture (or ‘cultures’ if this is a comprehensive word to use),

Dr J.N. Egwu has consistently visited the hoary past of our evolution and brought it to the limelight and into focus for the present generation of Umu Anioma to know, learn from and then sustain.  This is a commendable effort in cultural renaissance as well as in giving us a sense of history, for as I always say, “those who do not have a sense of history will always stumble and fall by the wayside.” Dr. Egwu has written copiously on the Ogbanigbe festival.

He currently serves as Research Editor for Anioma Essence.  And if you are looking for the historical archive of Obior, you need not look far – you will find that in Dr. Joseph Egwu Community Development Award

This award is for any Anioma son or daughter with a proven track record of funding or supporting development of any Anioma community. Activities may include Flood prevention or disease prevention activities etc.

Dr. Celestine O. Iwendi

Born on 19 June 1971, Dr. Celestine Onyema Iwendi is an outstanding Anioma personality who’s ethnical and cultural constructs are geared towards community development in terms of youth empowerment through education and support for rural policing. As part of Dr. Iwendi's community development commitment for rural policing, three sets of local policemen and women at Ogwashi Ukwu Police Station were trained on computer courses, data management, and Internet policing and forensic investigation under the auspices of the CP Haz Iwendi Foundation (http://haziwendifoundation.org/). The training is stationed at Ogwashi Ukwu Police Station, which is a continuous training for the rank and file of the police with the aim of bolstering rural policing in Anioma. On community development in the area of education, Dr. Iwendi started plans to have a section of the Ogwashi Library refurbished with eleven desktop computers provided with a server hosting 10000 e-books.  Other IT accessories including a standby heavy-duty generator were provided to the Library. The Ogwashi Library provides local users and its neighboring towns with the cultures of Anioma and its relics, including other educational services, which are areas Dr. Iwendi and his family have bolstered in the past.

The central thrust of Dr. Iwendi's community development drive vehemently lies within the paradigms of his late elder brother, Haz Iwendi, who was three times Force PRO and Commissioner of Police Kaduna State and later died in service. Haz ideologically invented 'HIS MARUPO' concept—Haz Iwendi Sustainable Manpower for Rural Policing, which is an 8 point agenda for training rural policemen and one of the community development programs of the Haz Iwendi Foundation in Anioma. A piece of land at Ogwashi Polytechnic Ogwashi Ukwu was donated to build Haz Iwendi Multi-purpose hall. The Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Iwendi provides 200000 Naira yearly scholarships running at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka to the best Engineering students of the Engineering Faculty in an attempt to build a center for job creation for Anioma indigenes.

Decorated with an honorary Ph.D in Cyber Management at the University of Aberdeen in 2013, Dr. Iwendi is an expert in Security for Wireless Sensor Networking, having designed and maintained creative websites such as www.thecomfortzone.se, www.naijatori.com, and http://www.itfi.net/.  Dr. Iwendi is the pioneer of the Wireless Sensor Networks Magazine (http://www.wsnmagazine.com) with 130000 weekly publications at LinkedIn and he is also the pioneer of Journal of Wireless Sensor Network (www.wsn-journal.com) with over 190 publications reaching both home and international readers with the aim of encouraging free paper publications from developing countries. Dr. Iwendi is passionately committed to driving community development in all its entireties within the Anioma environs. At present, due to the past Obiship usurpation that had spilled and wasted human blood over the time in Ogwashi Ukwu Kingdom,  Dr. Iwendi is engaging on a Christian exercise to ‘sanitize’  the Kingdom and return it to its peaceful, serene and harmonious scene that it has been known for. 

About Umu Anioma Foundation: 

Umu Anioma Foundation is a geopolitical socio-cultural organization with bisected Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A and Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria.