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Umu Anioma Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit and non-governmental socio-cultural organization of the Anioma people. The Foundation was setup in 2010 with registered membership strength of over 7,000 and governed by a Board of Directors. Membership is open to all Anioma sons and daughters either by birth, marriage or by association who are sold on the vision of reconstructed value system for the common good of the region and its people. The Convener and Chairman of the Board, Prince Emmanuel Ohai is an Atlanta-based Information Technology expert, from Onicha Olona, Delta State. The Board of Directors along with an Advisory council runs the affairs of the Foundation alongside an array of notable Anioma sons and daughters, both at home and in Diaspora, culminating in a movement of transformational agents in Anioma Nation for self-determination and subsequently moving the region forward socially, politically and for economic prosperity.

Our Mission is to organize, educate and activate Anioma people and to promote their general welfare.

Our Vision is to offer Anioma a compelling VISION of common good, of how everyone can win. When Umu Anioma embrace CHANGE and tread a new path of a reconstructed value system, the result is both the growth of themselves and others.

  1. To Promote the Anioma Cultural Heritage by fostering the economic, social and political awareness of Anioma people in Nigeria and around the world.
  2. To Organize, Educate and Activate Anioma Youth around the world; to be the best they can possibly be, using their entire God-given talent.
  3. To impact our lives and drive the economic, social and political well-being of the Anioma community through awareness, change and determination.
  4. To see to it, that all the people in the Anioma community have the Freedom, Support and Advocacy to pursue their dreams and aspiration.

Those who are close to me know that I have been battling SKY, my internet provider, for the past two weeks. It was frustrating to have things to say about our beloved Anioma State and not have an avenue to do so. Although I have never experimented with drugs, the withdrawal symptoms I suffered must be


Volunteer Opportunities:

The Umu Anioma Foundation heavily relies on the support of its members, contributors, and supporters to


Umu Anioma Foundation provides a unique opportunity for Umu Aniomas across the globe to develop leadership skills, learn about social and political issues affecting Anioma indigenes around the world, and have a strong sense of confidence that their work is making a difference. Money raised by Umu Anioma chapters goes directly to support global Umu Anioma