Contestant Requirements:

  • N5,000 Entry Fee MUST be paid directly to the Umu Anioma Foundation UBA Plc Bank Account# 101 583 5690 at the time of submission of Beauty Pageant Application. You must submit your Bank Teller number for the payment of the 5,000 at the time of submitting your forms or you will be ineligible to win any of the prizes.
    Entry fee is non-refundable
  • Must be at least 18 years on or before Grand-finale date.
  • Three (3) Full Size Photographs of the Contestant MUST be submitted with the application.
  • Must be naturally born female from Anioma (Delta North Senatorial District; Igbanke, Edo State; Onitsha, Anambra State; Ndoni, Rivers State)
  • Applicant must never have been married or given birth to a child.
  • Must compete in at least 4 areas in order to be selected as the Beauty Pageant Winner, which includes, Traditional Outfit, Platform Competition (Catwalk), Photogenic, Evening Gown and Interview.

Rules and Regulations:

-          Applicant understands that the judges’ decisions and scoring are final and will NOT be changed for any reason.

-          If applicant becomes the Pageant winner, she understands that she will receive the title of Miss Umu Anioma for 1 year, prizes, sash, crown, flowers and plaque.

-          Winner and participants grant permission to the Umu Anioma Foundation and AniomaTV to use speeches, photos and videos in Pageant related media for advertising and promotional purposes and understands that such materials will become property of the Miss Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant, The Umu Anioma Foundation and AniomaTV and will NOT be returned.

-          Applicant understands that the Miss Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant, The Umu Anioma Foundation, AniomaTV and its successors reserve the right to add, change or delete any rules and regulations at any time without giving notice to applicants or contestants.

-          Applicant is required to adhere strictly to the Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant Rules and Regulations; and if any of these rules and regulations is broken by applicant or winner; applicant or winner understands that denial of participation, disqualification and title revocation will be the resulting resolution to the matter.

-          Applicant understands that such term as ‘Applicant’ as used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person applying for entrance into the Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant.

-          Such term as ‘Winner’ used in the rules and regulation are referring to the person who has applied for entrance, paid the required entry fee, with proof of bank teller receipts, was accepted as contestant and won the Beauty Pageant Grand Finale and the Miss Umu Anioma title.

-          Winner is expected to conduct herself in the most professional manner during her reign, as any behavior which diminishes the prestige of the title of Miss Umu Anioma in the eyes of the Anioma people may lead to the revocation of title and withdrawal of prizes.

-          The Winner, the first and second place runner-up agree to work with the Miss Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant officials in carrying out some of the assigned duties to the Pageant winners and to help bring awareness to the Causes for which the Pageant has identified itself with. These causes will be explained in greater details at the Beauty Pageant Camp Site by Pageant Official.

-          Contestants will be required to sign a binding contract at the Campsite for the Pageant.

IMPORTANT: Immediately after submitting your form contact the Miss Umu Anioma Beauty Pageant Coordinator Hon Nkem Nwankwo @ 08035990275 to schedule your free Photo-shoot and to get further directives.